That day changed my life / by Ahmed Gallab


In October of 2007 I went to see @cariboumusic play in Cleveland.

I was very obnoxious at this show... At the end of the night, in my drunken stupor, I walked up to Dan Snaith and gave him my album. I spilt my guts to him. He thanked me and gave me his email address. Then I got kicked out of The Grog Shop.

4 months later I get an email from Dan saying that he listened to my album and loves it. They were coming through Ohio again and I asked to support them in Columbus. Dan agreed and I freaked out. I quit my job. Literally writing “I’m quitting this job for rock and roll” in my 2 week notice. I booked a tour that ended in Columbus with the Caribou show. After the 2nd show of the tour my van blew up. It couldn’t move faster than 15 miles an hour. Tour over. I was distraught. I had to find another job. The morning of my interview, I checked my email and found one from Dan. “Caribou Needs Replacement Drummer!” I thought it might have been sent by mistake but I read it anyway. Their drummer @pickapiperbrad had broken his wrist the day before and their entire tour was in jeopardy. I responded right away with my phone number then left my house. 5 minutes later my phone rang. It was Dan. “Hey man! We want to do the gig! Can you do it???” I pulled into a Starbucks parking lot and tried to make sense of what was going on.. “when do you need me?” “Tonight! You need to come to Raleigh now!”

I turned the car around, went home, packed my bags, went to the airport. 2 hrs later I was in Raleigh, NC waiting for Caribou to pick me up. We went straight to a rehearsal space and started playing. Their music is very easy to listen to but it is NOT EASY TO PLAY! I distinctly remember learning “Barnowl”. The band said, “ok so you have to learn this drum break from an Albert Ayler tune” and then left me alone for about 45 mins with the break playing on loop.... That might have been the hardest thing that I have ever had to learn in my life. 
Next morning we got to Cat’s Cradle at 10 am to start rehearsing for the show. We rehearsed all day long. At 8 PM Dan looked at me and said, “I think you’re ready.”

That day, April 1st 2008, changed my life. #hardcoretourstories