I started 2008 working as a line cook and ended it playing on David Letterman. / by Ahmed Gallab


I started 2008 working as a line cook and ended it playing on David Letterman.

My first rehearsal with @Yeasayer was May 19th, 2009. This was the day I met @jaytram. Jay is the epitome of “cool.” He has a great southern accent, dresses well, listens to great music and has a great walk. He’s a great drummer.

Rehearsals were fun. We were focused and had great synergy. “Odd Blood” was a huge success. Sold out shows worldwide.

On a day off in London, Jay & I met up with his friend Dave. After getting drunk and silly, we went back to his place. Dave kept making Manhattans and offered us acid. We got kooky. Jay and I switched pants for some reason and the next thing I know we’re scaling an extremely steep rooftop to see the sunset. I really needed to piss but Dave kept telling me to wait. I couldn’t hold it any longer and didn’t get further than his front door before I pissed all over myself. We washed the pants and tried to dry them over the stove. They caught on fire.
Jay and I went back to the hotel. We were leaving for Amsterdam that night. Our tour manager asked for passports. “oh it’s in my backpack. wait... where’s my backpack?” I ran into my hotel room and couldn’t find it. Panic. My passport and the band’s computer was in there. That computer ran all of the backing tracks for the show. I lost the backpack.

I told Chris what happened and his response was, “I don’t wanna hear it!”. I lost my shit. I’m crying and throwing up. Full blown panic attack. Jay tried to calm me down but it was no use. I went from having an amazing trip to THE WORST TRIP EVER. I thought my life was over.

The next morning I got to work rebuilding the show. I had to do it by memory. We had changed a lot of the songs so it wasn’t easy. I was also still tripping. I had the show back by next morning.

About a week later we got home and I got an email from a British taxi company. They had recovered a backpack and traced it back to me. The computer was recovered! At our next sound check @anandwilder asked, “what’s wrong with the sounds coming from the computer?” I told him that I was using the old sessions. “Use the new ones you made. They sound better.” #hardcoretourstories