On our way out of New York / by Ahmed Gallab

Van Problems

On our way out of New York, Mike missed the turn to get into the Holland Tunnel. He quickly rounded the street to get back on track but, right as we got to the end of the street, our van shut down and wouldn’t crank back on. We were conveniently next to an empty parking lot so we pushed Bunnicula (that’s what we called our van... All hardcore kids know about naming their vans) into the lot. Bryan opened the hood, Greg grabbed our spare battery and I had no idea what to do so I stood around staring at the skyscrapers. Bryan tried to jump the van from the spare battery but Greg put the cables on backwards and fried it. Bryan stared off into space for a second then went back into the van and grabbed what looked like a medicine bag. He asked us if we had bubble gum and bandaids. About 10 minutes later he told me to try to start the van again and, boom, it turned on. We all went to look at what Bryan had done and saw that he soldered the battery (yes he had solder wire and a soldering gun with him... why? We still don’t know) to work with the bubble gum and bandaids. I still have no idea what/how he got the van to turn on. Mainly because I can’t get over the fact that, if Mike hadn’t missed that turn, we would have broken down IN the Holland Tunnel... #Hardcoretourstories