The final piece of the puzzle / by Ahmed Gallab


Sinkane officially started in 2007. By 2008 I had recorded 2 albums: “Color Voice” and “Sinkane”. I played almost all of the instruments on these albums and, honestly, can’t remember the process of recording. I was a complete stoner at the time. These records were so self indulgent and whimsical. Listening back I can see myself like a kid in a sandbox. With all the toys and time in the world to play. I was creating my musical universe and didn’t give any serious thought to arrangement or purpose. It was the first time that I could do whatever I wanted and I went ham. 

In 2011, Jay and I parted ways with @Yeasayer and I had just finished recording “Mars”. I asked all of my music friends to play on it. @thetwinshadow, Yeasayer, @heladonegro@Jaytram@wildbelle@nomo, @casey_benjamin, among many more, played on it. Dan also did an amazing Daphni remix of “Runnin” for me. I cashed in all of my favors. But I still didn’t have a label. This is when I met my first manager @kevandyd. He worked on Yeasayer’s album campaign so I’d see him around all the time. I distinctly remember him introducing himself backstage in Chicago. ”Dude! I love your music! Why aren’t you and Jay coming to dinner with us?” We weren’t allowed. Anyway, he took it upon himself to help me get my feet on the ground. He gave me a laundry list of contacts and told me to send my song “Jeeper Creeper” to everyone on that list. I wrote a short paragraph and spent 2 days sending that song to over 200 emails. I was relentless. Within a month that song was all over the internet. In comes @hamsterslang: owner/founder of @cityslangrecords. Christof got my album from Dan during the same time. He loved it so much that he flew from Berlin to tell me in person. We went to lunch and he offered me a deal on the spot. It was all happening! 

The final piece of the puzzle came a few months later. A week after I self released “Runnin”, I got an email: “DFA CALLING”. What would a label like @dfarecs want to do with me? They wanted to hear more music. I sent them “Mars”. “We’re gonna send this to James Murphy. If he likes it then we’ll put it out.” Welp, apparently he liked it. #hardcoretourstories