Here I am beating the shit out of the drums. / by Ahmed Gallab

Here I am beating the shit out of the drums. A way of playing and hearing music that I’ve had to completely unlearn for the sake of understanding and growing as a musician. Hitting guitar strings harder doesn’t make them sound louder. And turning everything to 11 isn’t the only way to be loud. Anyway, here’s a story about Mike. 

One random day in DC we got to talking about Africa (cause you do...) and I boasted about how Sudan was the largest country in Africa (at the time it was). Mike didn’t agree. He thought it was Algeria. He spoke against a Sudanese person about what the largest country in Africa was... So, me being me, I asked him if he wanted to put a wager on it. If he was wrong he had to shave his beard into a mustache. I don’t remember what I had to do because I knew that I was right. I win, he shaves the mustache, we head to Richmond where we are gonna play at a Punk Rock Prom. En route we hit some insane traffic which got us there 4 hours late. We didn’t end up playing and needed to blow off steam so we went looking for booze and weed. As we entered the punk house we saw some guy jump and grab a chandelier from the ceiling of the dining room. It broke off and he landed on a giant kitchen table. The table splits in half and forms a ramp. Within seconds someone grabbed their skateboard and skated on it. It was that kind of party.
Anyway, Mike comes to me hours later bummed out cause he can’t seem to find any weed. By this time I was pretty hammered and too stoned. Then it hit me, “dude you look like a NARC!” His mustache made him look like someone’s dad and no one would offer him any weed. So.. the lesson of this story is: don’t bet against Sudanese people about what country was the largest in Africa 15 yrs ago. Sudanese people love to fuck with you and they will whenever you give them a chance. Even if the funniest thing that happened out of that experience doesn’t really involve them in any way whatsoever (but kinda yes indirectly), they will laugh at you and take credit for it. #hardcoretourstories